In the year 2012, my sister and I were thinking of how to start a business. While at the time I had no idea about what I wanted to do, I did know that I just needed to take it one small step at a time. This mindset instantly gave me the light bulb moment for the name of the umbrella company which will be the foundation of my grand plans.

Here we are today Little Big Movement Ltd, registered in October 2012. While some people like to use their name for world domination, Nathaniel Joseph always leaves me thinking that I am only human. 6 years later my tiny lightbulb moment paves the way for everything that I do.

The Little Big Movement blog consolidates everything that I believe is informative to the mass population of the world. One day I hope my children read this blog and utilise the wise words that I can hopefully bring them prosperity, excellent health, and freedom. To my readers, enjoy every moment of this blog and comment along the way. Probably, there will be a day I can look back at this page and believe I have changed the world, even if it is a Little Big Movement.

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To note, I am a sucker for emoji’s, and you will see those little bad boys in the majority of my post.

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