It feels like it has been a while, considering I have not been trading since my last post. Don’t worry; I have not given up already, lol. I just needed some time to catch up with my sleeping pattern.

At every point in a traders journey, they should step back and review their performance. It is easy to check the ROI and win rate, but these are not the performance metrics I like to study. Most traders forget that they also need to monitor their mental and physical states. 

As an intraday trader, there are several variables you are trying to process at once. This daily workload can cause anyone to become stressed or tired over time without the signs being visible to you. A lack of sleep can be counterproductive to achieving your ultimate goals. It is worthwhile reviewing your sleeping patterns every week.

In regards to my trading, I have been working on an Intraday Liquidity provider overview. Understanding where the order flow will be aggressive can make or break your trading. Traders like to Sell a market that has strong Liquidity on the opposite side. The market needs room to breathe, and in most cases, when the market is getting choked with orders, someone is getting a bad price.

As always, feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to chat. 

Want to talk trading? You can find me on Tradingview, Telegram or Instagram 😊. 

“You only fail when you give up.”

With love from the Trading Dragon 🐉

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