Is there Racism in Money?

You should know me by now I can be very controversial at times. This blog today steps away from the trader’s life, and I wanted people to understand why we accept racism for the paycheck.

When we come to think about the money we are glued to the numbers but not the way we obtain the money. It’s a strange thought to get my head around as many people will sell their soul for this depreciating asset. YES! Cash is a depreciating asset, and the difference is you can do something about it. So now that you understand that money alone will not help you, why do we accept the racism that comes attached to Money?

It very simple when there is still a problem with racial inequality around finding a job, it is hard for me to understand why so many people even look for a job. Take this article you can read in your own time. While it is focused on the UK, I am sure it is the same in the majority of the multicultural countries around the globe. Slavery has not vanished in 100 years, and if you believe it has, then you have a lot to learn.

Let me quickly break it down.


  1. You have a set time you must go to work
  2. You have a set job to do at work dictated by your boss (slave master)
  3. You have a lunchtime, stated that it must be taken within a specified period
  4. Your holidays need to be approved
  5. Your absence needs to be supported

Give me one example where you get to make a choice? Unless you are a Director or CEO of a company, you are a slave to the person above. They are leveraging your time for money. To not be a modern-day slave you need to be able to create your financial freedom.

SHOCKED! Well, don’t be because now you understand the system I want to ask why you work for the money and take the racial shit that comes with the system. Why does the high paying job see less ethnic people in those positions? It is not because of ethnics lack of education but more about the control. When you place people in power, our society has a community ethos engrained into it. We look for the person who is “like” us and try to bring them up with us. The only problem you have is that a specific race has always been in power. This will never change, and you will still be left behind because of your ethnicity.

My advice is to become a slave only if you see it as a means to an end. The laws of the land mean we have the choice to be free, but the capitalist society makes us believe we need to work for someone to live. Money is not racist, but the people who control the money can be. Understand that financial freedom is more about gaining control over your life.

  1. wake up when you want
  2. work or do what you want
  3. have lunch when you want
  4. take holidays when you want
  5. relax when you want.

When you do not have a choice, you become a slave, and when you have the opportunity, you become a master. There are many services and sectors you can get into without having to spend the time working for someone. Start your own business to become a director/CEO. Whatever you decide to be I am hoping you are aiming for financial freedom.

“your boss has emotions, but money does not. Who are you working for?”

AND remember not everyone is racist. The world is a beautiful place, and I have worked for some fantastic people who have pushed me to be a better person. This blog post is about how the capitalist system has been built on top of racism and inequality for control. Do not make the assumption I am pointing my finger at anyone. We all have the right to be free or work within this system. Only you can decide your path in life.

Peace and Love

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