Forex Trading Journal – Post 11

Today it is a late one for me as I decided to go to IKEA with the girlfriend. Interesting to me throughout this journey so far I always seem to miss something when I don’t get to the charts at the right time. Tonight felt different, let us have a look at all my trades and see what has happened in 24hrs 🧘🏾‍♂️


AUDUSD - 06-02

Today there was a massive spike down on the price, which went straight through my stop loss. This is why I keep stating that you need a stop loss to make sure you are getting out of your trades when you know you are wrong. It was a difficult one to lose as there was more volume for a move to the upside, but we saw a strong bearish candle in the end. With this in mind has the direction of the trend started to change? we will have a closer look at this tomorrow 🤦🏾‍♂️


CADCHF - 06-02

This was one of my favourite trades which was in profit for over a week. The stop loss was in place to catch a swing moving in the opposite direction. There is not much more to say on this trade other than it went as planned. For now, I am wondering if there is anything I can learn from this trade👨🏾‍💻


GBPNZD - 06-02

With the massive spike in price, this trade did not go my way. Not a lot I can do here, and I think we will be retesting the strength of the price around the 52 day Ichimoku MA. With the stop loss hit, I now have no trades currently open.

That is it for this evening, not a lot to talk about and due to the late start, I will be waiting for tomorrow night to get things rolling again. This weekend I will look over my trades to gain a better understanding if I traded to early or stuck to my strategy.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional trader and have a long way to go before I call myself a pro. This is not financial advice, and you should do your own research before trading or look at my positions. All trades are currently made in a demo account.


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