All Lives Matter


If you have just stumbled across my blog, welcome, for the past month, I have been dropping some of the most exciting blog topics you will see on the world wide web. It is inevitable at times that I might go on a tangent speaking about matters which can be very emotional.

Well, I am not going to disappoint you today as I have my most controversial topic to date.  “All lives matter” is a subject that came to light after watching a documentary about racism in America. Don’t ask me what the documentary is called; I was just Netflix binging LOL

Now, before I get started on this topic I want to make this clear, I do not care about one specific race more than another. This post is meant to make it more transparent for the audience to understand that racism has created a divide between cultures and many people who want to keep it that way.  Throughout history, racism was very clear-cut. Now we have multicultural societies and inter-racial couples. This world has not looked more beautiful.

However, some people across the globe see this as an issue. The word diluting seems to spring out their mouths like they are talking about mixing water with your favourite sugary drink. So what happens when the inter-racial or gay pride march comes along to the hometown of these deranged mindless fools.

“Untold death counts.”

There have been multiple bombings and car attacks which have killed people who have been trying to stand up for the rights of others. Spike Lee produced a movie called Blackkklashman which showcased some of the brutal killings of people standing up for racial inequality. The film is ok, but the ending is more than powerful enough to get you thinking about our everyday encounters. The world will never be free of racism because the world is not equal. The problem is we all think we can be judge & jury of what is right and wrong.

Remember what the capitalist system has created? Wealth and prosperity to some and modern-day slavery to others. The empowerment to make someone feel more superior than others allows this person to manifest their deepest and darkest secrets. Look at Trump, the man who stated he wanted to build a wall at the border so no Mexicans can enter the USA. Maybe this statement could have been his dry humor, but do you see what happens when someone believes their empowerment entitles them to say what they feel about another.

I am sure I can find someone in power who has openly preached racist remarks, but people have turned a blind eye to the facts. Go to work tomorrow and see how a racist statement goes down with your co-workers. Please don’t, because you could get fired from your job. On the other hand, Trump is still the president so make sure you have the power to do what you want.

I guess to conclude; we are stronger together when fighting pure evil. Who cares about race at the end of the day. Let’s clean up the weeds of people who bring negativity to the world — the extreme racists who take the lives of the kindest and beautiful people on this planet.

White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Purple.


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