Why do we fail?

Happy New!

I thought this post would be relevant going into the new year as a number of you will have new year resolutions. To be honest, I have multiple new year resolutions, but this year I will be tackling them by going back to basic

Ok, now that I have sneaked in a reference link to one of my blog post, let us get down to talking about why we fail. If you have been keeping up with my posts, you know that I always like to ask my readers a deep and meaningful question.

How many times have you failed to complete or achieve what you set out to do?

Stop counting, as I am sure you do not have enough fingers and thumbs to tally up the vast amount of incomplete goals in your life. What if I told you that you never failed if you made a start on your goals. Let me start with what I call the due diligence of starting. When we set out to do something new, it is an exciting idea, the biggest problem is when we sit down to rationalise whether we can fit it into our lives as it does not have a place. You are already doing all the other exciting things you set out to do in 2018, so where will you find the time to slide in another task/goal/hobby. Why you might see this as an instant fail, I would see this as a live and learn moment. The decision to not start meant that it was not a priority, which trumped the other priorities you already have. The key is here is that you at least did the due diligence.

So you kicked one of the old 2017/2018 resolutions to the side for a new 2019 objective. That is wonderful, and maybe leave a comment below about what you want to do in 2019. Now the number one reason why people never achieve what they set out to do is that the risk to reward ratio does not compute. Take for instance you might want to travel more, but that means you need to make more money. For most people, the risk of finding a new job or investing money to make money is too uncertain. Well, I am glad you have come to that conclusion but make sure you at least tried to increase your income. You will only learn from your mistakes, and even if you can not make the necessary adjustments to support the goals at least, you lived and learned.

Hopefully, you can now understand that attempting to do something and failing or quitting is not a fail. Great but what about those really lazy people who do not have any resolutions or forget about them in an instant. YES! I am talking to you, the person who believes they are not smart enough or does not have the time. I have written a post about time/ life management but what I want you to understand is there is never an excuse not to start. If you really believe that you are not smart enough to do something, then you have failed to understand yourself.

“I am the smartest person in the room because I am the only person in the room.”

In your own world, there is no need to compare yourself to others. If you want to learn something new, it should cost you very little to learn. Do not make intelligence your reason for limiting your awakening. Over the 10 days, I have spent over 100 hours (about 10 hours a day) learning something new and feel a lot more confident about moving forward with my own goals related to my studies.

Now your midway through the year and a significant hurdle has kicked you back 10 steps. You are tired and don’t see why you need to retake those 10 steps, so you pack your bags and forget about everything you were doing. It is so easy to stop when you get kicked down, but life has a funny way of testing you. You just need to remember that if you get to a point where the hurdle has knocked you down, it means that there is another way. It could be a simple change or a drastic overhaul but don’t give up. You came this far, and some people do even get there. Just take a break or speak to someone close to you, sometimes just talking to someone else can give you the clarity you need to see it from a different angle

Instant gratification is a drug we all want, but no one can afford it. Do not fail before you have started and by the love of the god you worship, please do not give up when you have come so far.

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

― Michael Jordan

LIVE AND LEARN, because failing is the only way to succeed.

Mr Ionic


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