Back to Basics – Starting Again

WOW! Finally, I have decided to make myself available to write again. It has been an exhausting few weeks, with more life-changing moments in one month than this whole year combined.

Quite possibly I have lost myself this month, trying to be Superman and Batman all rolled up into one. The number of late nights and early mornings officially caught up with me on Christmas day. Most people believe Christmas is a joyful time of the year, and I can agree only if you have something to be joyful about. Personally, Christmas day was my breaking point as I felt the need to bring tears to my eyes before I could eat breakfast and head to the hospital.

Now, let’s get out of this sad state for a moment and look at the bigger picture. The ordeal of having to see someone you love in the hospital for Christmas day can make you stronger, and determined to succeed before the sand timer runs out. Inevitably this brings me onto the topic of the blog post.

Looking back in life there have been multiple moments when I have been passionate about my interests and taken them as far as I could at that time. The only issue/concern I have now is that I have stopped focusing on those interest, and devoted more of my time to the responsibilities as an adult, son, brother and boyfriend. We all remember the days where we had fewer responsibilities and concentrated on just being happy. Ask yourself these simple question below, maybe even daydream about the good old days and ask yourself a few more questions.

Did you find time to work out, go to the gym or play a sport?

Did you read more than you looked at your smartphone?

Was seeing friends or family an exciting part of your life?

Were holidays an actual holiday, not using them to detox from work?

These are 4 simple questions at one point in our lives we enjoyed doing. Activities, hobbies or interest can be a detox process from work, but what if they are just a lifestyle task which makes them more important than work. Maybe its time to start thinking about what makes you really tick. Go back to basics, start again with those hobbies and interest by organising your life around the things you love to do.

Hopefully, the below might help you get started as these are my back to basics

  • Reading – Increasing my vocab and knowledge
  • Writing – Improve my grammar and typing
  • Meditating –  To zone out
  • Staying healthy – I like a beautiful body 🤣

There is nothing special about the above, and I am sure we could all write 4 interest that takes us back to basics. So grab a pen & paper, write down your back to basics list and just start again. Even if you are doing something already on the list, just refresh your mind with the reasons why you do it. Over time I believe stimulating the brain with the reason why you started will be the number 1 reason why you sustain interests in the long run.

YES! I am talking to you, now go figure out your back to basics list, build the complexities later and just make sure you are at least doing the basics.

Writing complete, now I am off to read. Happy Holidays, send my love to friends and family by forwarding this blog post to them 🙂

👨🏿The Little Big Movement is signing out, but my GF ripped the words right of the keyboard with this post. Head on over to the Pineapple Chicken blog, as I am leveraging  her Happy Holiday thank you to all my blog readers 🤣 (life leverage, blog post coming soon)

I really appreciate everyone who reads these blog posts.






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