This is my forex day trading journal, from Monday to Friday 🙂

In today’s video, we look at what you need to start day trading forex. We will be focused around the technology and some of the key specifications to look at for.

Stable internet connection

Desktop PC in the home

At least a 24″ screen with a high refresh rate. You are going to have more than one indicator on the screen. Don’t worry about latency as that is primarily related to gaming.

Tablet or Laptop for on the go.

Minimum 9.7 inch iPad or a 10inch + windows or Android device.

All devices need to have a good screen. You will be looking at these screens a lot and possibly in bad lighting.

Touch screens need to be responsive.

Access to a scrapbook, to scribble down notes and key points when backtesting.

Notebook or word document. Start placing your detailed And refined notes in a notebook or word document. It will be your reference manual.

Excel or Google spreadsheets access as you will need to record your backtesting.

Spread Betting Brokerage. I will leave this for the next video as there are some extra details I need to explain.

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