Diary Of A New Forex Trader

Well, this has been long overdue, but I have finally started my Forex trading journey. Monday to Friday, I will be uploading a new daily video to Youtube showing my progression throughout this journey.

The first two episodes below set the scene and moving forward I will be creating more how-to episodes to guide people. subscribe to my Youtube channel, click the like button and leave a comment, as i would love the support along the way. Hopefully, I will inspire others to join me on this journey to becoming a profitable Forex trader.


Nathaniel from Little Big Movement, recording from London UK.

Like, everyone, I dream of a possibility where one day I will be able to work from anywhere in the world. My journey starts today in forex trading, so follow me in my daily trading diary as I go through the ups and downs of becoming a forex trader.

I hope I can inspire you to stay disciplined in this journey towards becoming a forex trader. Let us start by using this platform to create a network of people who are looking to take this step into the unknown in forex.

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Peace and love from Little Big Movement

Mr Ionic

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