A Legacy to Remember

Monday 12th December, the time is 19:35pm. I am not sure if I will remember this day but what I do know is that no one will recognise me by this day. It is a strange thought that has come to my mind, and one that might have people thinking I have genuinely lost it. Personally, I don’t think I have, but some would say denial is the first sign of insanity πŸ˜›

“this boy has lost his mind.”

Hold on! Hear me out for a moment. To me, a legacy is about leaving something for people to remember you by. Whether that is a great charitable deed, starting a business which employs others or starting a family. When you build or create a legacy, your memory will live on through others. I had touched on managing your life in my last post, which explains why we do not have an infinite about of time to create a legacy.

There are a few definitions for legacy, but the one that stands out the most is:

“something that is a part of your history or remains from an earlier time.”

Now! I don’t seem so crazy πŸ™‚ because at this moment I believe I have so much more to leave behind for the next generation and to support the current generation. While I continue down a path of the unknown, I have already seen everything behind me. In this respect I see myself holding a torch and pointing it backwards. Helping to shine a light on my life experience makes it easier for the new generation to navigate the unknown in front of them.

A Legacy creates a support network for people to believe in, and endure the difficult times in life. Whether our lives are beautiful/ugly, we look for comfort or reassurance through friends, family, idols and influencers. Without the legacy that these people have built over the years in society, we would be blinded by our own emotions and self-importance. Your legacy one day may pave the way for the next important figure in the future. Hopefully, they don’t turn out to be like some of the most influential people in this generation (where is my “Trump” card when I need it)….he he πŸ˜›

The meaning of this post is to make people aware that we should all be creating a legacy which touches more than our families. Help those with first or third world problems if you can, lending a helping hand will imprint your legacy on those who are grateful. Yes! I am asking you to take the spotlight. If you donate money to charities, what about keeping your money and giving your time instead? Advise, and the information you could provide would be priceless. My GF donated her time to help remote villages in Africa. While I was not a big fan of her going, I guess I should be apologising to her as she imprinted a legacy on those people who will never forget what she did.

Check out her adventure in Africa at Pineapple ChickenΒ (Insert Happy Dance lol)

For me, my legacy starts with this blog, my Instagram page and my drive to start a business next year. The aim is to employ those who have the potential to be great in the field of IT and Development. The employment system is too focused on accolades (degrees and educational institutions), we have forgotten that we are not hiring the 1st, 2:1 or LSE, Oxford or Cambridge Universities. If Steve, Lisa or Cassie want a job they should be employed on their passion and commitment towards continual learning. I know I can not save them all, but I will utilise as many platforms as possible to spread my knowledge and life experience to the masses.

Well I hope you still don’t think I am crazy and if you do drop a comment below πŸ™‚

“Be remembered for your Legacy.”

Peace and Love

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