Time Management = Life Management


I know this post is very late in the week, but I promise to get back on track. Honestly, it has been an exhausting week, and I am probably writing this post when I am at my worst. Ok, enough is enough let us get down to business.

Throughout my weekly blog posts, you might be thinking there is a theme to all these posts. Yes, there is, and it is a topic I like to drum home as much as possible. When asked about time we continue to believe that we need to manage it.

” I need more time”


“the day/week/month/year has gone by so quickly.”


“there is not enough time in the day”

Now, if you are one of those people who believe that you need to somehow take better control over your time, you probably tell yourself that you need to work on your time management as well. Well for the first time in your life you might be wrong. Ask yourself these questions

Can you stop and start time?

Does one have the ability to dictate how much time you have?


Does time patiently wait for you to catch up when you need more of it?

The answer to all those questions is NO, but I am sure some smartypants will question me. So let me break it down for the people who want to understand. Time is like a sand timer when you are born it is flipped over to start the sand clock. Now if for any reason (insert prayer here) you were to die, the sand clock will be flipped back. In this instance everything you have done it that time is either forgotten about or hopefully, you have left a legacy for people to remember you by. We can touch on a legacy in another post, but just like the sand timer, time is a running clock, not a stopwatch you have control over.

Do you believe you have the ability to dictate how much time you have?

Smartypants: of course! I can wake up when I want and utilise my time how I see fit.

Nathaniel: Ok, think of something you want to do other than sleeping. Now can you do that activity, interest, hobby, work….24/7?

Let me be abstract with a smarty pants answer. I can live next to a beach and go swimming in the ocean whenever I want. Right, now name a variable that could affect you from being able to do this every day? Let us exclude death here, and let’s say weather. No one has control over the weather, and it can change at any TIME.

Smart pants: I will get an indoor swimming pool and wake up to swim every day.

Nathaniel: Great!, let me know what time of the day/month or year you will be doing routine maintenance on the pool 😛 and please don’t say you can swim in a dirty pool because doing that will affect your sand timer.

Last but not least, does time patiently wait for us, NO…..even smartypants knows that. So why do we tell ourselves that we need better time management? Don’t ask me I am not the expert 🙂 all I know is life management is what we should be focused on.

In a 24hr day, I will spend 6-8 hours sleeping, 8 hours working and the rest of the time doing what interests me. This is not time management, this is you managing your life. As humans, we have decided to put a measurement on time. Now it is time to take control of our lives and measure those outputs to be more efficient with day to day routines. Just remember that TIME is just like a grain of sand in the sand timer. Leave a Legacy, Live and Learn because of one these days the sand will stop.

WOW! let’s not end of a “sand” note (sorry lol). Spend the time doing what you enjoy, life is about happiness at the end of the day. Doing something you hate? ask yourself why and then make the changes to remove the things you hate.

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Peace and Love

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