Should I press the reset button?

Welcome back to my wonderful blog 🙂 There really is so much beauty in speaking my mind, while learning to type faster on a keyboard. Writing this blog is all about being in the right frame of mind, which was not the case on Friday. Now! If I started writing this new blog post on Friday, you would be listening to me rant on about one of the 3 topics below.

  1. The Rat Race
  2. The price of goods
  3. British Airways – The airline that rips you off

While one or all the items above could be an enlightening post, I decided that writing a post full of rage would have made me say something I would regret soon than later. My mood across the week was the subtle build-up of poor sleep, self-inflicted pressure and the desire to achieve maximum efficiency of time throughout the day/week. Let me be the first to tell you that this will catch up with you and a topic that my girlfriend over at pineapple chicken touches on within her blog post.

For some pressing the reset button is just a part of life. The wealthy seem to have a portable version of the reset button and are most likely press the big FAT red button whenever they can. Hopefully, I can explain this concept in more detail.

Every day my sleeping pattern enables me to receive a maximum of 6 hours of sleep, wake up and head to work for a 2-hour journey on the train. 8 hours later I am back on a train for 2 hours, then either back at home to work on other intensive tasks or at the gym pumping iron. 5 days a week, 20 days a month my body is computing at 80-100% and if I feel like I need to work on the blog or video editing over the weekend the number of days will increase.

Is this you?

Stop for a moment and think about a computer which is running at 80% every day.  You install updates every evening and restart the system which spikes back to 80% once you are on your way. That’s great but what about when your computer is running slow, the files on the machine are defragmented because you have not taken a moment to recalibrate and sort out all those random folders or files. Sorry for the techno talk but we as humans run our lives like robots, not stopping to think about when to press the reset/reboot button. Yes, when the computer says NO it means no, and we should be able to take a moment to reset our systems and recharge our batteries.

Over the weekend I was pushing the reset button every day while I was enjoying my time in Porto, Portugal. Typically I would have a helpful link to a Pineapple Chicken blog post about our holiday destination, but I think she is pressing the reset button as I write this. The reset button on life enables you to reassess and energise yourself to sustain 80% efficiency without feeling stressed, or that life is dragging you down. Most likely you are slowing down due to the low battery level or a few life updates (PC talk) you have not taken the time to do.

After speaking to a colleague, I realised the reset button is straightforward to press, so here are my tips below to help you hit that button and get the charge you need.

  1. Play games, nothing physical like sports. I am talking about computer games or board games. Most games only need about 20-40% of your brain power to enjoy the process of playing.
  2. Holidays, leave the country and make sure nothing is planned other than a nice hotel. Sleep as much as you want and enjoy some local food.
  3. SLEEP mode, and supercharge those batteries. This is like leaving your phone on charge while reading The Little Big Movement blog 🙂 By the end of the read, you will still be at 100% battery life. Don’t wake up because you need to, wake up because you want to.

I am sure there are more ways to press the reset button, but my 3 tips will have that reset button firmly pressed down. Let me know if you have any great reset tips in the comments below. Try to push the button once a week or if you are like me, a short weekend trip away is a push in the right direction.

PUSH THAT RESET BUTTON and reboot your life.

LITTLE BIG MOVEMENT investing in a better future.


Mr Ionic

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  • A great post. I am a massive advocate of pressing the reset button or just taking a breather. I love reading and going to museums as a way to reset. Being inspired by art or someone else’s pursuit of knowledge always gives me time to think and reflect.

    PS. I will try and get that Porto post up ASAP

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