What are your Priorities?

It feels so good to be back in front of a screen and keyboard hammering away, while the sun shines through the office windows. Hopefully, you could sense the hint of sarcasm, but nonetheless, it does not matter. 2018 was the biggest shock of my life, as I planned to take a new step into the world of self-employment. As an employee of a large, medium or small business there is this satisfaction of job security. Waking up every day leaves our minds wondering about all the other 1st world problems. 

Nathaniel: “What can I buy from Nike online?”

Nathaniel: “How fast can Amazon Prime deliver my item?”

Nathaniel: “Should I cook tonight or order from Deliveroo?”

It is a life that I have become accustomed too, believing that these questions I ask myself are now priorities in my day. For some people, this is ok, and I cannot lie food delivered to my door is a great feeling. All those 1st world luxuries dropped of my priorities list when I decided to take 3 months off work. While I could write a whole post about going to work every weekday, this is not the post I want to express my opinions about the topic. 3 months turned into 5 months, and money (currency) was becoming a problem. My advice, if you have 5 months of savings to help you out when you do not have a job, don’t use all 5 months of it (insert Emoji).

At this point in my life, I was forced to either go back to work as a permanent member of stuff or become self-employed through my own company. My 5-year plan was to always contract through a limited company someday, I guess a kick up the ass was just what I needed. There are many Pros and Cons of being a contractor, but the biggest pro is being 10x more tax efficient.

I told you this small story because it leads onto how I have been able to focus on my life priorities. Below are my top 5 life priorities:

  1. Health
  2. Freedom
  3. Knowledge
  4. Wealth 
  5. Family

I believe that if you are not focused on your own priorities, time will become your worst enemy sooner than later. Before continuing to read on, just ask yourself what are your top 5 priorities in life.


I do not see why your own health should not be number one on the list. It is a great shock to me that people kill themselves for money (currency) and then do not spend the “paper” on their own health. Make sure you slot in the time to keep active, even a brisk walk instead of the bus or tube will improve your health over time. 5 months of not working gave me the freedom to attend the gym 5-6 days a week. This leads me on to priority number two.


The 5 months where I was not working was my definition of freedom. Waking up when I choose too, heading to the gym at off-peak times, eating freshly prepared food every day. While the days merged into weeks, it felt like freedom not being dictated by a job or responsibilities that are not on my priorities list.


“the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.”

“the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.”


This has been a critical aspect of my life that I have taken very lightly. In the 5 months of not working my knowledge had not increased exponentially. If I was honest, I believe I lost my drive to learn in those months. Education is a dominant aspect of life I think the majority neglect. Without an increased understanding of a topic, there will be numerous opportunities missed only because we did not take the time to understand. As a bare minimum for me reading books has become a massive part of my life. If I do not learn something new each day from a book, audiobook, articles then it has not been a great day. We have a finite amount of time on this planet, and I believe learning a new language to communicate with others is my next step for 2019.


To be honest, you probably think I am messed up guy put wealth before my family or why my friends are not in the top 5. I will explain in more detail once we get to the family section. Trying to obtain wealth is just a by-product of wanting Freedom and good Health. I don’t care how wealthy I am, but one thing I do know is wealth is measured in time. If you’re going to be rich, then chase money or currency, but wealth is about having the ability to decided what you do with your time without having to sell your time. 


Saving the best until last is family. To me, the family is my closest family and friends that I care for and who care for me. Family can be a burden, and sometimes you need to be there for them financially or having the freedom to help out. This is the main reason why my top 4 priorities are placed above my family. I care and can be one of the kindest hearted people you will ever meet, but that core value also leaves me helping others when I don’t always have the freedom to do so.

In most cases, my only advise to myself in 2018 was to clearly define who is my family (Family and Friends). Having an extensive social network does not mean a lot in an era where most people are self-centred. Just be careful who you class as the family, one day you may realise that family/friends mean something different to them.

That is is it from me, my fingers are now cramping from all the typing. An emotional blog but one that should kick-start those brain cells. If I have disrespected anyone in this post, then you might want to consider if you know me very well (laughing inside).

To my Family and Friends, I Love you always.

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