The Sky is the Limit

After every superhero movie we have all wondered, what would it be like to fly the sky like Superman or swoop down like wonder woman? Well, those dreams are now a reality thanks to DJI and Parrot drones. Taking the plunge to live out my dreams of flying, I purchased a DJI Mavic Pro.

Now let me make this very clear, these drones are not cheap. So before you go running out to buy one, allow me to price up the cost for you.

Drone cost: 500+ $ or £ for the drone. The good ones start from 1000.

Insurance: It is the peace of mind really, but this could be a monthly or yearly cost. Stick with a monthly policy, as you never know when this great piece of kit will be gathering dust.

Liability cover: You do not get this advice when you are watching those Youtube drone videos. Liability cover is to cover the pilot in case of a crash, which could inflict injury to a person or damage to property.

These are my quick tips before purchasing a drone. In all circumstances buying a drone can be a considerable expense.

Look out for my YouTube channel coming soon and I will try to post more short and sweet posts to keep you entertained travelling the globe with Nikki (my drone).

See you😊

Mr Ionic

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